Disneyland USA

What can I say?
When you dream as a kid, this is where your imagination takes you….DISNEYLAND!!
To the most beautiful place, the happiest place on earth, where the sun shines endlessly and smiles are the only dress code.  Where Mickey and Minnie live in a cartoon world, Starwars is still considered cool and hotdogs have macaroni and cheese, on top of the dog part (YES this happened to me)
The grounds are spotless, seriously they must have ninja cleaners.  The salty yet sweet taste in the air of churros, makes my mouth water now!  Where the ride queues are so long, yet everyone is joyful for it.  It is magical, tear worthy when the fireworks alight and thousands of people gasp in awe.  Disneyland Anaheim, a wondrous world.

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