Denmark, my love

Denmark holds a little place in my heart (Shannon).  Baaring/ Middelfart to be exact.

Nearly six years ago, I was an exchange student, immersed into the Danish culture and lifestyle for one magnificent year.   With only a couple of days up our sleeves we kept it intimate and hung out with my four very cute brothers.  It truly is the best time of year to visit, April, when the sun starts to appear after the long overcast winter, hope rekindles and flowers come out in force, the birds remember the tweet in their song.

   Legoland, Oyster catching, yellow fields for miles, singing, exhibitions, Christianaia (the free land) and of course the famous Nyhaven.

2014-05-08_0001_MG_2642_MG_2653 _MG_2671_MG_26682014-06-03_0013_MG_2656

I remember hating the food back in 2008, I absolutely detested the lunchtime meals, what Vegemite and Marmite is to New Zealanders.  But when confronted with Rye bread (Rugbrød),  Leverpostej (liver-patae), snaps (alcohol), scrimps, dried onions. Eeee It makes my stomach sing even now.   Then there is Brunsviger (Brown sugar cake) LOVE!

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Legoland! We thought about Aaron’s cousin Ollie here,  he would have loved this place! Everything is made out of Lego! Crazy!

_MG_3013_MG_2886_MG_2891 2014-05-08_0012_MG_2957_MG_2981 2014-05-08_0013

 _MG_3003 _MG_3007_MG_28952014-05-08_0014_MG_2906

Oyster Catching. It’s not like they are going to run away or anything! But seriously, it is a Danish thing. Except my parents had never tried it! It was a Birthday party, so we took a little trip to the coast, near Germany and searched.  We dug, found and tasted raw.  Poul was the champion at opening them up.  I was the champion at spitting them out. haha!  Champagne, slimy little Oysters and a lot of fun.  I love how the Danes are with friends and family, the whole day was so cozy.  Sharing food, drink, singing and just being together.

_MG_3114  _MG_3038_MG_3040_MG_3041 _MG_3071_MG_30612014-05-08_0015_MG_3056_MG_3047_MG_3168_MG_3167_MG_3161  _MG_3169 _MG_3157_MG_3175_MG_3195_MG_3196_MG_3221_MG_32572014-05-28_0006_MG_3262_MG_3278 2014-05-28_0007_MG_3290 2014-05-28_0005_MG_3206_MG_3293 2014-05-28_00092014-05-28_00102014-05-28_0008_MG_3227_MG_3386 _MG_3389_MG_3188_MG_3423_MG_3433 2014-05-28_0011_MG_3444_MG_3453 2014-05-28_0013_MG_34812014-05-28_0014_MG_3116 _MG_3096 _MG_3097_MG_3503_MG_3540

Danish Press Photo Exhibition.  This quiet place, I first visited many years ago, was where my passion came alive for photography. It was sensational going back and sharing it with Aaron.

_MG_3575_MG_3551  2014-05-28_0016_MG_3587_MG_3584 2014-05-28_0017 _MG_36192014-05-28_0018_MG_3609

It seems to be the way we exchange students have it, gaining another pair of parents and new siblings.

_MG_3623 _MG_3634 _MG_36472014-05-28_0019

We travelled from Baaring to Copenhagen (2 hours on the train)  Christianaia, was first on the list.  Welcome to a free land.

Undoubtedly the most intriguing commune I have ever been to. A place labeled the autonomous neighbourhood,  regulated by a special law.  They do things different here, kids, teens and adults all share in providing for each other. Cannabis in all corners, sold on “pusher street” where dark hooded eyes sit behind kaki coloured netting, waiting for their next customers.  Of course it is still illegal here, but authorities seem reluctant to forcibly stop the hash trade.   I would love to photograph it more, but it is forbidden. This is the closest I got to it all.


“Pusher street”

_MG_3706_MG_3707_MG_3711 _MG_37152014-06-03_0012 tower pano _MG_3789_MG_3817_MG_3843_MG_38782014-05-28_0023 _MG_3890  2014-05-28_00242014-05-28_0025_MG_3958

My host family are the stunning looking ones in most of the photographs, they had to put up with me for some of that year and our return. I salute you! And returning to this special place will stay in my heart forever.  Love you guys xx  I can’t wait to come back & see everyone!



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