Photo Tip: How make micro adjustment your lenses AF on Canon cameras

Below its the following method we use to micro adjust our lenses

1. Here is the test chart download and print it out at A4 and stick it onto some thick card.
2. Stick the camera to a wall at the height you wish to photograph it making sure it is straight.
3. Set your camera up onto a tripod parallel to the test chart make sure the center focus point in in the middle of the page.
4. Take the test photos at the largest aperture possible (e.g 1.8, 2.8 ,4 or 5.6 etc), on  Use AV mode on your camera and take the shot with a remote release or self timer to minimize camera shake
Try and keep ISO low, but make sure the shutter speed is high at least more than your focal length (e.g 70-200mm lens at 200mm keep your shutter above 1:200sec)
5. Shoot a series of images with micro adjustment values from -20 to +20 in 5 unit steps
Defocus the lens manually after each shot
6. Examine the series and determine the three best adjustments and them seep adjusting my 1+ or -1 to find the sweet spot (Tip: check the photo on the computer and not back of camera for best examinaton)

Below are some photos of how i set up for my test shots and an example of the test sheet (downloaded Here) also what the Canon 5dmkii adjustment screens look like.