Frequently asked


Chances are this is your first time getting hitched, so here are the answers to some of those burning questions!

Are two photographers going to be there to photograph our Wedding?
Yes! We work as a team to document your Wedding. Aaron will head off with the boys to capture their morning and Shannon stick’s with the girls. You then have both of us to get all the angles you need. If you have Fay, she is by herself but can have a second shooter too.

How would you describe your style
Such a tough question but we love to document moments

Do you pose us for photos?
We are candid style photographers that document your wedding day as it happens, when it comes to “Bridal Portraits” we tend not to pose but do guide you to capture natural emotional moments. Plus hang out and have a laugh too!

Have you ever shot a wedding at our venue before? What are the best locations for portraits?
Chances are we have probably shot at your venue before yes 🙂 weeks before your wedding day we go location scouting to find some beautiful and unique spots for your photographs we also ask that you let us know anywhere that you may have in mind as well.

Where can we see your most recent work?
Our most recent work will always be showcased on our BLOG here as well as Facebook

What happens if something goes wrong with your equipment?
As gear failure is something that could happen to anyone at any time… We are prepared! We are using the latest and highest of quality equipment and we bring multiple cameras, lenses, flashes and memory cards.

What happens if it is raining?
If it rains all you can do is ROCK IT and enjoy the most amazing day of your life. Both our equipment and us can handle rain hail and shine.

Do you travel?
Yes! And we love to do so 🙂 We have been to many different locations to shoot Weddings & people. Last year we made that list International, visiting 21 countries in ten months. We have shot Weddings in Australia, Rarotonga & Bali!

What kind of post-production work do you normally do?
We process all images from the day to represent our unique style.

Do you include digital images, prints, enlargements, thank-you cards, an album or other products?
Included in all packages are the digital files on a USB and a few prints, albums are extra.

Do you have any client reviews?
Sure do! Check out google here for the latest brides have to say about us.

How many hours will you spend at our wedding?
It depends what package you think suits you best. We have three options – all day, 9 hours or half the day. Our most popular is literally all day long with no time limits, this means all the little moments are captured! Contact us to hear more about pricing.

Where can we see your most recent work?
Our most recent work will always be showcased on our BLOG here as well as Facebook

Can we pencil you in??
Since we are super busy we cannot hold dates for anyone, so sorry! As soon as you are ready to book, let us know 🙂
How long after the wedding can we expect to see images?
A day or two after the Wedding we share a photo on facebook, you then get a highlight preview within 7 days! Then the rest of the photographs to you within 4 – 8 weeks.

Approximately how many photographs can we expect in our package?
Depends how long we are there for, all day can be 1500+!

Can other people take photographs or video while you are working?
Of course they can. As long as they don’t get in the way, its your call, your day!

How much is your deposit?
The deposit is 30% of the total package price.

When is the balance due?
The balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding date, unless another date has been agreed upon.

Is this your full time job?
Yes! Aaron and Shannon went full time three years ago, we do 40 Weddings per year 🙂

Each Wedding is unique so we understand if you have more questions, email us – lets have a good old chat.

Wherever there is light, one can photograph.