Kiri’s 21st

We adore taking those moments to be remembered forever! 21st’s are a big one in New Zealand and we had the pleasure of attending Kiri’s last week!
Taking over 250 photos, it was a damn good night!!

Here’s what Kiri said about us:

“A massive thank you to The Official Photographers for the photos from my 21st. They were a breeze to deal with and I am more then happy with what they captured on such an important day for my family and I. I highly recommend them to anyone out there that are looking for affordable and great quality pictures!”

IMG_0761 IMG_0775 IMG_0812 IMG_0819 IMG_0830


IMG_0845 IMG_0884 IMG_0900 IMG_0911 IMG_0922 IMG_0957 IMG_1022 IMG_1050 IMG_1061 IMG_1069 IMG_1080 IMG_1088

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